Make it easy and fun for your donors or members to give by offering a simple online and mobile giving solution today!

Credit/Debit Swipe

Gain the ability to accept donations online or use card swipe technology at kiosk locations or laptops. Let Charis Giving Solutions be your online and offline donation payment solution!

Event Registration

Our systems provide you with the capabilities you need to create an unlimited number of registration forms that can be used with paid and free events.

Mobile Giving Suite

Charis also provides mobile giving capabilities, with QR code tools. Text donations will soon be available as well.' Replace with sentence 'Text message donations are also an available option.

On Your Site

Unlike many other systems, Charis Giving Solutions enables donors to make donations on your site – safely and securely, and without any site redirects.

Gift Designations

Donors can select any gift designation they desire. The platform also allows you to sort donations using grouping capabilities.

Stats & Reporting

The donation is only the first part of the process. Charis also provides you with the ability to use a variety of reporting tools to track giving. Reports can be exported to many ChMS solutions.

Benefits for Your Organization

Accept Donations on Your Website

Charis Giving Solutions provides the tools you need to safely accept donor offerings on your own websites. We use a page-in-page technology known as iframes to enable you to place secure donation systems on any site. This system provides secure donation transactions, integrated site appearance and functionality, and a consistently high-quality donor experience. Get started today with Charis.

Expanded Options

We are constantly working to improve our system capabilities and expand our donor giving options for the Church. Does your church have a Mobile Phone App for your smart phone members that lets your donors give from any place at any time? Charis can help you get that done. And we've added options for churches wanting the ability for donors to give via Text Message Donations. Contact us to learn more about these exciting features!

Charis Giving Solutions gives you flexibility when it comes to the pricing structure that best fits your Church!

Plan Info

$0 / Month

$29 / Month

$49 / Month

 Transaction Fee 3.0% + 30¢ 2.6% + 30¢ 1.99% + 30¢
 Start Up Fee $0 $0 $0
 Online Giving
 Recurring Giving
 Mobile Giving
 Event Forms
 Online Store  
 ACH / eChecks * 0.75% + 30¢ 0.75% + 30¢ 0.75% + 30¢
 Text Giving Optional Optional Optional
 Giving Kiosks Optional Optional Optional
 Monthly Minimum $10 $0 $0
 Settlements Weekly Daily Daily
 Batch Fee Free Free Free
 Statement Fee Free Free Free
 Security/Regulatory Fee $10 $10 $10
 Debit Only Option Free Free Free
 Virtual Terminal Free Free Free

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