Trends in the ways smartphones are being used by consumers to buy goods and services make mobile an increasingly attractive giving channel for churches to explore, particularly given the demographic makeup of the group that uses them the most. Smartphone usage continues to grow. According to a third quarter 2013 report from consumer research giant […]

How many apps do you have on your smart phone or iPad? If you are like the average American the answer is quite a few. Apps, or applications, are those devises that allow ease of use with a smart phone. With the rise of smart phones came the rise of the App Market. That market […]

Don’t look now but the offering plate might well be on the way out. A few months back I first wrote about how in the near future offering plates might have devices that would allow donors to simply wave their smart phones in front of them to record their gift. Some readers were sketical, some […]

This Sunday if your members forget to bring their checkbook to church with them could they still tithe to your church? If they are away on holiday does their gift to your church show up in your offering plate? For 86% of US churches the answer is no. Over the past decade online bill payment […]

On Friday December 30th as 2011 was winding down I wanted to get our tithe check into my church before the year ended. Amazingly we could not find any checks in our house. We only write a few checks a month and two of those are to our church. I told my wife to just […]

I remember the first cell phone I ever saw. It was about as big as a loaf of bread! I was so envious of my pastor friend who had the ability to be in instant contact with his church. Though each call cost an arm and a leg he could still be accessible even when […]