How Steve Jobs Changed The Church

How many apps do you have on your smart phone or iPad? If you are like the average American the answer is quite a few. Apps, or applications, are those devises that allow ease of use with a smart phone. With the rise of smart phones came the rise of the App Market. That market is poised to continue to grow. Consider the following from a report done by the Application Developers Alliance…

So what does this have to do with your church? Simply this. If you do not have an app for your church you are missing out on one of the key ways to communicate effectively with people today. As Christians we are to be in the market place of our world making sure our message of Hope is communicated. If you lack the primary tools of engagement how can your message effectively reach your world?

Effective churches make connecting with them as easy as possible. Did you see that 47% of app users download apps because they are easier to use than a mobile browser? A good app allows those that attend your church to easily access your website including your giving page.

The multiple pronged approach to effective online communication for churches – Here is our advice to any church that wants to improve its presence in the online community.

It starts with a good website. 84% of all churches have a website in America. However effective websites are continually updated and utilized effectively. If your church website has last years newsletter posted then it is time to rethink your strategy.

“Your website must be mobile friendly. In our consultation with churches about their online platform we state that you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Those looking for a church will use their smart phone to search their browser for information. If your online site is not mobile friendly it probably will not be high on the search list as search engines give priority rank to those that have mobile friendly websites. If your website can be found and it is not mobile friendly few will bother to look at it.

Apps are a primary communication tool for connecting your members with the various online offerings of your website. The mobile set up is important for search rank and access to non members but an app is primarily utilized by your membership. Apps can allow your members or regular attendees to more quickly and easily get to all your online sites. With fewer touches they can access all your Social Media sites, get calendar information, listen to last Sunday’s message, receive push notification about important announcements AND give money to your church.

So what does the continued growth of the App Market mean for your church? Brad Phelps a Board member of Application Developers Alliance said, ”The market for mobile apps is growing, and growing fast. Innovation and strong businesses are driving that growth but we are all benefiting from it. Better apps, better services and more opportunity for businesses to thrive is good for us all.” So, with the growth of apps a wise church needs to make sure that they have an app AND that they are using it effectively.

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It’s time you caught up with the 21st century!

Mark Brooks

Founder and President

The Charis Group and Charis Giving Solutions